Mold Remediation

Where there is moisture, mold follows.

When you find or suspect mold in your home or business, you want to call professionals who can help you with your mold issue and quickly and safely remediate the issue. That is why you want to call the mold specialists at Viking Restoration Services.

Mold requires specific conditions to grow, including water, food, oxygen and at specific temperatures – which most indoor environments operate within. Some molds can be hazardous depending on the species. Mold can also reproduce very quickly and release spores into the air that can be hazardous to those in your home or business. These can be especially dangerous to those with weakened immune systems such as young children, older adults, and those with severe allergies or respiratory issues.

It is most critical to thoroughly and quickly dry out your home within 24-48 hours to prevent mold growth. At Viking Restoration Services, we understand these critical timelines and our experienced team takes all precautions to safely and quickly remediate the mold. We routinely work with specialists and hygienists on protocol standards and processes.

Viking Restoration Services is committed to keeping you informed of progress and timelines throughout the entire process so you know what to expect when working with our team of professionals. Our top priority is your satisfaction and making things as easy as possible and removing the mold in your property.

Please give Viking Restoration Services a call for a free estimate for any of your water damage, fire damage, mold, or reconstruction service needs.

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