Construction Services

Once the initial water, fire, or mold damage has been remediated, the next step is putting your home or business back together and getting your life back to normal. At Viking Restoration Services, we understand that going through a water, fire, or mold issue can be a major traumatic event and also know that rebuilding your home or business can be an extremely daunting task. This is why at Viking Restoration Services, we have built our business from the ground up to be a full-service contractor to serve you!

What does this mean for you? It means we take your property through the initial restoration process all the way through the reconstruction phase without having to worry about finding subcontractors, scheduling, and managing the project yourself. Instead, our team of licensed professional mitigation technicians and subcontractors oversees your entire reconstruction project. This allows you to be closely involved without the hassle of supervising the project and ensures top quality work is completed during each phase of the process.

Our in-depth reconstruction process includes the following:

  • An accurate estimate submitted to your insurance company for approval
  • Once approved, we will setup an initial meeting to discuss the scope of your project and do an in-depth walkthrough of your property and fill out a material selection form
  • Once material selection form is complete, we order all material and establish your project schedule prior to your start date
  • Prior to starting on your project, we will have a final review of project scope and schedule and have you sign off authorizing the start of your project
  • During construction, we will schedule a weekly milestone call to answer any questions you have and give you updates on your project
  • Once project nears completion, we will do a final walkthrough, and have you sign off on a certificate of satisfaction once completely satisfied with your project

As a licensed general contracting company, our team manages everything down to the smallest of details and keeps you informed on progress and up to date on timelines. We take all of the stress off of you and deliver an amazing result that you’ll love seeing day after day in your home or business. We stand by our work and offer manufactures and labor warranties for all work.

Please give Viking Restoration Services a call for a free estimate for any of your water damage, fire damage, mold, or reconstruction service needs.

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