Mold Remediation: How we did it?

To follow up our last blog post on the top 5 places mold can grow in your home, we wanted to share with you a recent mold job we completed for our customers that originated from a leaking shower valve from the shower in their upstairs bathroom.

Viking Restoration Services got the initial call from the homeowner stating that they had a water leak that was detected in their master bedroom. They had a plumber come out and take a look at what was going on. The plumber made a cut in the ceiling of the bedroom to figure out where the water source was originating from that was dripping down from above. Once he cut the opening in the ceiling, he discovered that it was from an improperly sealed shower handle that was allowing water to fall back behind the shower itself and leak down onto the subfloor and eventually make its way through the ceiling into the homeowners master bedroom causing a major mess.

It was at this point when we received the initial call from the homeowner. They thought they had suspected mold growth from behind the shower where the water leak originated. They called us for help and asked what they needed to do to prevent the spread of any further mold growth until they were able to get us out to their home to inspect the suspected mold and get in there and clean and remove the mold. We were able to property explain what steps they needed to do to ensure their family was safe from the mold until we got there to correct the issues.

Once on site, we did a walk through with the homeowner to ensure there was not further mold growth. Once we determined the extent of the mold and the source, we proceeded. We ended up cutting an opening in the sheetrock behind the shower in the adjacent closet wall to gain access to the shower walls and subfloor. As soon as we had access to the contaminated area, we set up a full containment wall ensuring no mold or mold particles would leave the containment area and set up an air scrubber. An air scrubber uses a HEPA filter that is capable of collecting up to 99.97% of any air particles that may have been disturbed and aerosolized while we were cleaning and removing the mold.

After the containment wall was created we continued to use a HEPA vacuum to remove the mold on the surface of the subfloor and shower walls in addition to wiping and scrubbing the the area. Once everything was wiped and sprayed we left the air scrubber run for multiple days ensuring all aerosolized particles were captured and the area was safe, clean and mold free for the homeowners.

If you suspect you have any mold or water damage in your home do not wait, call Viking Restoration Services right away to get the problem handled quickly and safely to ensure no further damage or health risks occur to your family or property.

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