What Equipment Are We Using?

When it comes to water damage and mold remediation, restoration companies have some specialized tools we can utilize to quickly and safely dry your property and ensure any mold safely. Let’s start with water damage and the common pieces of equipment you will likely see in your home or business if you ever have toContinue reading “What Equipment Are We Using?”

Mold Remediation: How we did it?

To follow up our last blog post on the top 5 places mold can grow in your home, we wanted to share with you a recent mold job we completed for our customers that originated from a leaking shower valve from the shower in their upstairs bathroom. Viking Restoration Services got the initial call fromContinue reading “Mold Remediation: How we did it?”

Viking Restoration Services Company Introduction

Hello All, Thank you for stopping by our website and reading our first blog post! I just wanted to write a quick post to introduce myself and Viking Restoration Services to the Rochester and SE Minnesota area. First off, my name is Ryan Knutson and I am the owner of Viking Restoration Services. I wasContinue reading “Viking Restoration Services Company Introduction”

Introduce Yourself (Example Post)

This is an example post, originally published as part of Blogging University. Enroll in one of our ten programs, and start your blog right. You’re going to publish a post today. Don’t worry about how your blog looks. Don’t worry if you haven’t given it a name yet, or you’re feeling overwhelmed. Just click theContinue reading “Introduce Yourself (Example Post)”